Wheel of Fortune’ contestant becomes a viral hit with her unusual letter guesses

Will someone please buy this lady a vowel?

Wheel of Fortune contestant Nura Fountana became an instant trending topic on Tuesday night’s episode when she shocked host Pat Sajak with her unusual letter choices.


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Nura Fountana was the winner of Tuesday night’s “Wheel of Fortune” game after her unusual choice of letters stunned viewers.

Guessing uncommon letters like “Z” – as in Zulu – and “X” – stunned Sajak, asking her to repeat herself turning Fountana into an overnight sensation after her peculiar guesses – even not guessing anything at a time – made her the champion of the night – winning $13,970 in the last round.

Fountana joins a long list of unforgettable Wheel of Fortune contestants to leave Sajak and cohost Vanna White stunned – like the man that guessed a puzzle 17 letters long with only one letter turned around – and contestant Emil de Leon who guessed “New baby Buggy” in the bonus round with only two letters on the board.

Family Guy creators even poked fun at the show on an episode when Peter Griffin used bogus choices -like the letter “Z,” the number 4, three Qs and the Batman symbol – in the bonus round causing him to win.


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