When Would Nikki and Brie Bella Pick Their Men Over Each Other? Watch Them Play a Hilarious Game of “Sister or Mister!”

We’re making the Bella Twins chose between each other and their men!

When E! News sat down with Nikki Bella and Brie Bella at Comic-Con the other day, we decided to play a hilarious game of “Sister or Mister” in which they have to chose between going to their sister or significant other (John Cena and Daniel Bryan, of course) in different scenarios. So who would they ask to help them change a diaper?

“Sister!” Nikki said. “Mister,” a reluctant Brie answered as Nikki frowned.

“It’s ’cause it’s clothe!” Nikki added. “I was trying to put that on her and I’m like, ‘What the?! How do you do this?'”

“It’s so easy,” Brie smiled.

So who would they want to help them break out of jail? Or what about planning a wedding (things get heated after this questions!)?

Watch the video to see Nikki and Brie’s hilarious answers!

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