Who Plays Billionaire Blake Carrington on ‘Dynasty’ Reboot?

Grant Show (center) on Dynasty (CW photo)

Dynasty is back on TV and if you liked watching the two wealthy families (Carringtons vs. Colbys) fight it out in the 80s — or even you weren’t born yet — you’re going to love and hate them even more now in the 21st century. The lead male role is billionaire Blake Carrington who owns a successful energy company (in the 80s he was known as an oil tycoon). When he proposes to his secretary Cristal, he offers her the position of COO at his company which his daughter Fallon thought was hers. Cat fights in dynastic wardrobe ensue.

[All 9 Seasons of the original Dynasty is online]

Blake (who was portrayed by the late John Forsythe) is played in the new version by Grant Show. He’s known for his roles on Devious Maids (Spence), The Family (Governor Lang), Big Love (Goji Guru), Private Practice (Dr. Archer Forbes Montgomery), Point Pleasant (Lucas), Melrose Place (Jake Hanson), and Ryan’s Hope (Rick Hyde). among others. Fun fact: He is married to actress Katherine LaNasa (cute photos below). Dynasty airs Wednesdays at 9pm on The CW, right after the teen soap opera Riverdale.

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