Woman exercised after fake tanning and the result is hilarious

After her workout, a Scottish Twitter user saw immediate if not unexpected results.

A woman from Scotland tweeted out the image of her post-workout leg on Sunday and the image has earned her over 40,000 likes as of Wednesday. Eve, or @Evemallonxx, showed the world that applying self-tanner before hitting the gym ended up transferring the Adidas logo from her leggings to the entire side of her lower leg from ankle to knee.

“That’s the last time (I) work out with tan on btw ahahah,” Eve posted, clearly as amused as the rest of the Internet with her new, temporary branding.

Surprisingly, she’s not the first one to experience an Adidas tattooing. Fellow user Eden Chicken replied to Eve’s post with a picture of her own stamped leg.

Woman uses paint roller to apply fake tan and it goes wrong

“Hahahahah same,” she said.

And Adidas, the brand reaping all of this hilarious and free publicity, was quick to respond with its stamp of approval.

“We’d say it’s fate,” the company wrote. “Way to rep the Three Stripes, Eve. We see you.”

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