Woman’s bikini bedroom selfie goes viral – can you see why?


BIKINI PIC: Katie sent the swimwear snap to her then-boyfriend Matt

Katie Testa took a photo of herself and sent the cheeky snap to her then-boyfriend (but now ex-boyfriend) Matt.

The 19-year-old from Florida, US, then shared the selfie and her former beau’s reply on Twitter.

After sending Matt the bikini shot, she wasn’t met with a very welcome response.

Wondering what was wrong, she text him saying: “Tell me. Matt.”


BODY-SHAMING: Matt cruelly criticised Katie’s body via text

Her boyfriend of five months cruelly replied with a body-shaming text criticising Katie’s physique.

He said: “You have cellulite on your legs and I hate it and stomach isn’t how I like.

“It’s bothered me since I’ve asked you out. I’m sorry, now I feel like an a**hole.”

Katie quickly text back saying: “Good cuz you are. Night.”

She then posted the offensive exchange on Twitter with the caption: “Boy, bye.”

It’s not hard to see why Katie’s defiant post has racked up more than 270,000 likes and almost 50,000 retweets.

Many Twitter users immediately jumped to Katie’s defence to confirm she’s beautiful just the way she is – and it’s not ok for her boyfriend to speak to her like that.

Someone said: “You’re gorgeous, he doesn’t deserve you.”

Another added: “She’s too hot for your ugly a** anyway.”

While one user pointed out: “To all the ladies with cellulite, you cant spell cellulite without U LIT.”

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