Woman’s hilarious complaint about M&S’ fish-flavoured glittery crisps goes viral

A WOMAN who unleashed a hilarious attack on Marks & Spencer for launching fish-flavoured glittery crisps in time for Christmas, has seen her amusing complaint go viral.

Kathryn Kendall, 36, messaged the high street chain after spotting bags of Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Champagne Hand Cooked Crisps in her local store ahead of the festive season.

I Know, I Need To Stop Talking

Mummy blogger Kathryn’s rant about M&S glittery crisps has gone viral

After telling M&S bosses that she is usually a big fan of its food, the mum-of-two suggested that their latest festive offering could be a sign they have “lost their way”.

In her humorous post, Kathryn said: “It’s quite a mental leap to think that putting that combination of foodstuffs together would translate into the perfect festive crisp flavour.

“And for that mental leap I suppose we have to blame the ubiquitous prawn cocktail crisps.

“With that neon pink packet being a mainstay of lunch boxes, it is perhaps not unreasonable that you should consider that smoked salmon and cream cheese (with a side of champagne. And glitter) flavour could be a similar success.

“But this is where you were wrong. And the reason you were wrong, and the reason prawn cocktail crisps are so successful, is because they taste absolutely f***ing nothing like prawn cocktail.

I Know, I Need To Stop Talking

Katheryn’s lengthy Facebook rant criticised the Smoke Salmon, Cream Cheese & Champagne flavoured crisps

“Those crisps have come into contact with about as many prawns as I’ve had size eight dresses fit over my giant bazookas. Ie: NONE. NADA. NOT A SINGLE ONE. PRAWN COCKTAILS DO NOT TASTE ANYTHING LIKE PRAWNS BECAUSE SEAFOOD FLAVOURED CRISPS ARE F***ING DISGUSTING.”

Comparing M&S’s new festive crisps – which are priced at £2 for a 150g bag – to cat food, the blogger added: “I mean, I genuinely can’t describe how terrible these crisps are.

I Know, I Need To Stop Talking

Katheryn finishes her rant by calling the crisps an “abomination”

“Not that that will stop me trying. You open the bag, and the first thing which hits you is a whiff a bit like a plate of stale Whiskas. That’s the cat food. Yes, you’ve made crisps that smell of cat food. Bravo, M&S. Bravo.

“If you manage to get past the initial assault on your nostrils and are brave enough to extract a crisp, your eye will be caught by something slightly peculiar.

“Is it a trick of the light? No, it’s not a trick of the light, it’s a piece of f***ing glitter. GLITTER.

“Because as if fish flavoured crisps weren’t bad enough, you’ve decided to add half the contents of Hobbycraft to the bag for you to chow down on.”

Finishing her rant, Kathryn – who writes a blog called I Know, I Need To Stop Talking – mocked M&S’s famous catchphrase, blasting: “This is not just any crisp. This is a f***ing ABOMINATION of a crisp.

I Know, I Need To Stop Talking

I Know, I Need To Stop Talking is run by Katheryn who has two children

“Do us a favour, M&S. Take these monstrosities off the shelves and replace them with a simple bag of Walkers ready salted and a can of shandy. You know it makes sense.”

Marks & Spencer have not responded to Kathryn’s rant, however her complaint has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

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Responding, one person wrote: “So husband and I had a crisp each! That was enough! It really is the smell that puts you off even before you try! am going to take them to work tomorrow.”

Another added: “I’m sorry but I can’t help thinking about what is going to come out the “other end” after consumption?! Glittery fish scented poo?”

One questioned: “Ever wondered whether the glitter was actually fish scales…..”

The Sun Online contacted Marks & Spencer but they did not get back to us before the article was published.

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