Woman’s movie-theater snack hack goes viral on Twitter

© This content is subject to copyright. A Twitter user’s idea for a fake “baby bump” is being called “genius” by her fellow Twitter users.

As most theaters prohibit patrons from bringing their own food and drinks to the cinema, movie-goers have relegated themselves to purchasing overpriced popcorn and soda from the concessions stand.

Just kidding! In reality, they’ve only gotten more clever about sneaking their snacks inside.

Take Angela Brisk, for example, whose idea for hiding snacks inside a fake, hollow “baby bump” just went viral on Twitter:

Brisk’s idea, which makes use of what appears to be a dome-shaped piece of foam from a craft-supply store, has already generated more than 19,000 retweets and 41,000 “likes” since she posted it earlier this week.

Hundreds of comments also began pouring in from the Twitterverse, with some praising her as a “genius” and others joking that multiplex employees are about to see a whole lot of “pregnant men” sneaking into the theater, as well.

On the other hand, at least a few commenters were confused as to why Brisk would bother with the fake baby bump at all, with one of them claiming to be able to fit an entire fast-food value meal insider her own purse.

Brisk hasn’t personally responded to those last comments, but as another Twitter user suggested, perhaps Brisk just gets further use out of brining the foam dome to a film.

“You automatically have a bowl for all the snacks,” wrote one user. “Genius!”

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