Yikes: Nipsey Hussle’s First Baby Mother Tanisha Says They ‘Never Broke Up’

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London‘s recent split announcement seemed to have been amicable, from the outside looking in, and it appears that no messiness followed. However, we may have spoken too soon as the rapper’s baby mama, Tanisha, is now speaking out, revealing that she and Nispey never even broke up after all these years.

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Tanisha recently responded to one of Nipsey’s fans’ comments which read that she and the rapper are rumored to be reuniting.

Her response is what has many scratching their heads: “We never broke up lol show me the blog,” she wrote.

This isn’t the first time that Tanisha has hinted that she and Nipsey have continued to pursue their relationship throughout his romance with Lauren.

Back in 2014, she sent a message directly to the ATL actress, letting her know that the rapper was still in love with her. Though she tweeted the wrong account, it may not have gotten to the actress, but her intentions were clear.

“He told me he loves me today weekday about you lol now u can block me,” she wrote. 

It is also rumored that the former The Game star may have called it quits with her now ex-boyfriend after learning of his cheating ways, as detailed through a series of cryptic Instagram posts.

Needless to say, the two continue to co-parent their young son, together.

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