Your Week in Viral Videos: National bird enthralls nation

(RNN) – Here are some popular videos from around the web this week.

It is not a comprehensive list because the internet is infinite and this compilation is finite.

Not everything may be “viral” per se, because that doesn’t really have a good definition. So while it’s called viral videos, in your mind just change viral to “somewhat entertaining.”

Now, let’s go to the videotape:

Public service announcement

Eagles in Washington, DC, have the nation on edge wondering if and when their little eaglets will hatch. One already did and they occasionally feed the little dude scraps of fish. There’s another as-yet-unhatched egg in the nest. You can watch nature unfold before your very eyes – LIVE – 24 hours a day.

Danny Boy ‘fixed’

St. Patrick’s Day is a mostly contrived holiday that has very little to do with anything other than going to a faux Irish drinking establishment and forcing yourself to either call a taxi or an Uber to get home.

Additionally, the first – and perhaps only – Irish song most people can name is depressing and not at all fitting for a celebration.

Stephen Colbert tried to remedy this situation. He brought out the NYPD’s Emerald Society to open his March 17 show, did some Irish step dancing and unveiled new, less-depressing words to Danny Boy with the help of famed Irish tenor Karl Scully.

(WARNING: It gets a little weird.)

[embedded content]

Sure, go ahead

The summit of the Matterhorn is not the most ideal place to ski.

But, hey, it’s there, so you might as well give it a try.

Skateboard wizard

Now, this is skateboarding.

Forget those staid videos of kids skating down handrails and over homemade ramps and what-not, this is true skateboarding wizardry.

Richie Jackson turns in some pretty impressive shredding (it’s called shredding, right?) down stairs, over tables, on walls and using other objects to ramp up the difficulty.

There are some outtakes too, but nothing like the crashes you might be expecting.

[embedded content]

It can be damaged

Those old Nokia phones we all used to have that were indestructible aren’t quite so indestructible after all.

It just takes a hydraulic press and a whole lot of psi.

[embedded content]

She heard yes

A deaf woman received a cochlear implant and the day got even better for her when one of the first things she heard was her boyfriend proposing.

[embedded content]

More clickbait

Pregnancy documented in time lapse video.

Little kid is Not Afraid.

Submarine breaking through ice.

Waiting for cookies is hard.

Bears playing with balloon.

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