Your Week in Viral Videos: There actually are good videos on the internet

(RNN) – Here are some popular videos from around the web this week.

It is not a comprehensive list because the internet is infinite and this compilation is finite.

Not everything may be “viral” per se, because that doesn’t really have a good definition. So while it’s called viral videos, in your mind just change viral to “somewhat entertaining.”

Now, let’s go to the videotape:

With a smile, but no song

We’re going to take a minute and step away from the usual viral videos fare of cats doing cat things and people being stupid to deliver an actual good video for once.

An autistic 2-year-old shared a touching moment with a woman dressed as Snow White while at Disney World.  

“Jack Jack,” as he is called in the video’s description, is shy and non-verbal, but Snow White used her experience relating to small people to give Jack Jack – and the internet – a good time.

This was the day her prince came.

[embedded content]

Gravitational greatness

Marbles and magnets can provide at least four minutes of entertainment.

Science is amazing. This video features magnetism, gravity, Newton’s laws and a whole lot of free time someone had to set this whole thing up.

There’s no wide shot to show the whole thing at once to get a sense of scale, and that’s troublesome. I want to know how it was built.

What’s the dilly wit yo dog?

Don’t let Amy Schumer run your Tinder account.

She does OK getting some matches, but things take a turn for the bizarre once she starts trying to communicate with them.

Tinder is weird, and the weirdness of Tinder – and the superficiality of singleness – is on full display.

If we learned anything, it’s that firefighters with kittens rule the world.

[embedded content]

B words need not apply

Pronouncing a “b” sound is difficult when there’s a lip-spreading device in your mouth.

This seems like a fun game to play, and you should definitely team with anyone you know who works in a dentist’s office.

Pro tip: Speaking louder doesn’t help.

[embedded content]

Obligatory Trump video

Donald Trump may or may not have pretended to be Donald Trump’s publicist. Trump denied this Friday and the reporter who recorded the Trump-sounding Trump publicist alleged on both Fox News and CNN that Trump himself leaked the tape just so he could deny it and be in the news.

In times like these, we have no choice but to turn to Stephen Colbert to get to the root of the story.

Colbert got the scoop from three other people close to Trump – Johnald Melaniawitz, Barron McJohnington and Milljohn Ivankatower.

[embedded content]

More clickbait

Meghan Trainor fell and then Jimmy Fallon made things weird.

Let’s learn a little something about wombats.

A funny and relatable story about Prince.

Wild animal tetherball is the Olympic sport we need.

The world’s greatest IT department.

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