‘You’re terrified — this is hilarious’: Internet points and laughs as Trump attacks his own deputy AG

  • Kellyanne Conway: ‘If I was shot and killed tomorrow, half of Twitter would explode in applause’

  • Karen Handel tells mom of lesbian: ‘My faith calls me’ to stop your daughter from adopting a child

  • ‘No one is safe’: Twitter explodes after acquittal of cop who killed Philando Castile

  • GOP ex-senator goes down in flames after telling MSNBC that Trump cares about human rights in Cuba

  • ‘It’s pee pee time!’: Internet hilariously mocks the Justice Department for bizarre press release

  • ‘Has anyone read him his Miranda rights?’: White House aides furious that Trump won’t remain silent

  • ‘I will make you disappear’: Trump supporter charged with hate crime over racist threats

  • ‘We shouldn’t pretend this is normal’: MSNBC’s Mika rips Morning Joe over vice president’s lawyer

  • Reluctant Trump voters losing faith: ‘I hope he wakes up and realizes’ we are ‘no longer supporting him’

  • Ann Coulter is sick of Trump ‘melodrama’ — and would dump him for Pence if he vowed to build the wall

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