10+ Hilarious Moments ‘Caught In The Wild’ That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter

Wildlife can be beautiful, mysterious and, at times, just plain funny! Each year, Bored Panda hosts a “Funniest Wildlife Photos” competition in order to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. The competition began in 2015 and has since attracted some of the best professional and amateur photographers who want to showcase their work…and the results are always hilarious!

Though penguins going to church and polar bear babies trying to hitch a ride from their mamas are bound to make you laugh out loud, the founders the competition urge you to always keep the cause at the forefront of your mind. Once you’re done getting a good laugh in, head on over to the born free website and spread the word about wildlife conservation. You can also investigate what you can do to lend a helping hand.

That said, let’s not forget why you came here, and scroll down to see the 14 winners of this year’s competition and a few stellar nominations from this year and last:

1. The “Cheering Sea Otter,” Highly Commended


Penny Palmer

Source: Penny Palmer

2. “WTF” by George Cathcart, Highly Commended


George Cathcart

Source: George Cathcart

3. “Caught in the Act” by Bence Mate, Highly Commended


Bence Mate

Source: Bence Mate

4. Troy Mayne’s “Slap,” Winner of the Padi Under the Sea Category


Troy Mayne

Source: Troy Mayne

5. “Must Have Three-Putted,” By Douglas Croft, Highly Commended


Douglas Croft

Source: Douglas Croft

6. “All Dressed and Ready for Church” by Carl Henry, Highly Commended


Carl Henry

Source: Carl Henry

7. Andrea Zampatti’s “The Laughing Doormouse,” Winner of the Alex Walker’s Serian on the Land Category


Andrea Zampatti

Source: Andrea Zampatti

8. “Hitching a Ride” by Daisy Gilardini, Highly Commended


Daisy Gilardini

Source: Daisy Gilardini

9. “Monkey Escape” by Katy Laveck-Foster, Highly Commended


Katy Laveck-Foster

Source: Katy Laveck-Foster

10. “Animal Encounters” by Jean Jacques Alcalay, Highly Commended


Jean Jacques Alcalay

Source: Jean Jacques Alcalay

11. “Duck Speed” by John Threlfall, Winner of the Kenya Airways in the Air Category


John Threlfall

Source: John Threlfall

12. Daniel Trim’s, “Mudskippers Got Talent,” Highly Commended


Daniel Trim

Source: Daniel Trim

13. “Eh What’s Up Doc?” by Olivier Colle, Highly Commended


Olivier Colle

Source: Olivier Colle

14. And Finally, the Winner of the Overall Competition as Well as of the Amazing Internet Portfolio Prize, Tibor Kerccz’s “Help!” 4 Owl Images


Tibor Kerccz

Source: Tibor Kerccz

3 of the Best Contenders From 2017

1. “Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks” by Masai Mara


Masia Mara

Source: Masia Mara

2. “Kung Fu Training, Austrailian Style” by Andrey Giljov


Andrey Giljov

Source: Andrey Giljov

3. “I’m OK” by Yamamoto Tsuneo


Yamamoto Tsuneo

Source: Yamamoto Tsuneo

3 of the Best Contenders From 2016

1. The Rare Bear Falcon, Adam Parsons


Adam Parsons

Source: Adam Parsons

2. A Gorilla Giving You the Bird, Gil Gofer


Gil Gofer

Source: Gil Gofer

3. He Lost His Keys…by Angela Bohike


Angela Bohike

Source: Angela Bohike

And Finally, Just Because We Want You to Leave With a Smile (You’re Welcome)


Artyom Krivosheev

Source: Artyom Krivosheev

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