20 Hilarious Tweets of KRK Which Is Trending On Twitter !

Right now Twitter has suspended Kamal R Khan’s Twitter account. The controvery between Aamir Khan and KRK was trending on social media. KRK is the only guy who is the celebrioty and also have lots of money. Butin reality nobody respect him not even a small kids just because of his silly things. he is much popular for his tweets.

KRK’s weired tweets on Bollywood celebs always received lots of buzz on social media. Some of his tweets might just shock you while rest will make you go rolling on the floor laughing. Though he has millions of followers which one can not deny. He is one of the most entertaining personality of India. However, people have got used to such comments and have stopped reacting to his statements off-late.

Recently KRK tweeted against Kapil Sharma,” Oye Kapil Sharma, Tere Jaise 100 Naukar Hai Mere Pass”. Which is really weired. Check here the hilarious tweets of KRK :

20 Hilarious Tweets of KRK Which Is Trending On Twitter !

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