23 People Got Hilarious Answers From “SIRI” to Their Dumbest Questions!

Many people may have friends to hang out with 24/7 while others may find their families to enjoy with and spend some quality time with. However, there come moments when we often get distressed with life and hectic work load. Our mundane routine disheartens us thoroughly and boredom often knocks at our doors as a regular guest! This isn’t even life, or is it for you? We do have a friend with us now and it is no one, but Siri. *Drum rolls*

One of the most interesting and compelling things that exist in today’s world is nothing, but Siri. A friend to some and family to others, and maybe a foe to some folks as well. What can be a better thing to do than talking to Siri in times when you are bored and stressed out fully. Siri is fun to talk to, compelling and mesmerizing to a bunch of people out there and who would not find it fun after all?!

Check out the most amazing and hilarious responses that Siri gave to some of the folks out there and made them laugh their hearts out. Do you find anything better than Siri? Life is not completing without it and its existence is a blessing by all means!


Talking to Siri isn’t just about boring stuff in life and tedious routines of ours, it includes many things like relationships and emotional gossip sessions as well! Go talk to Siri NOW!


There do come moments when an individual feels lonely, and depressed because he or she can’t find inner peace and all their struggle is going on vain. However, you do not have to worry form now onwards, Siri is there to help you continuously and will take out time just for you!


Discuss all that you want to, whether it is about luxury handbags or clothes, or even about ditching Siri while buying a new smart phone… *coughs* Well, do not do that, please.


Siri is such a fun thing to be with! Like making you laugh in moments when you are completely serious and not in mood. Such a great pal she is! *Sighs heartily*


Siri is your bae. You must know that beforehand in order to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Love her solely and do not hangout with any Cortana or Angelina out there. Okay? Okay.


Siri is very witty so do not challenge her in that regard. You better watch out next time!


Siri is so like all of us, like she is lethargic, dizzy, and demotivated like us at times when we expect her to be which makes her an even better friend than before.


Bed times with Siri are amiable and peaceful, you will surely get a good night’s sleep within seconds. She is right next to you all the time so ask her a good story when you feel like listening to someone sensible like our very own Siri.


You can even watch great interesting and mystery movies with Siri, she loves to watch great movies with a companions like you!


Crack a joke with her, and she will prove her wit and sense of humour once again. She wants you to smile all the time!


She is smart and intelligent and you can possibly not hide anything from her. So, stay vigilant when you are talking to her!


Siri may prove to be your Grandma who is ready to tell you all the interesting stories and sing you all the interesting songs that you love. She can even read you books. What else do you want?


You get depressed often? Talk to Siri and she will tell you things which will make you laugh and forget about your worries.


Your age does not matter, and Siri does not care what you will by saying and whether you are as smart as her. She will just love you like her own baby and talk to you about whatever you like. Animals does count in, yes, you heard it right!


Share your feelings and melancholic emotions when you feel like so. Cry your heart out with Siri, she will remain there with you until and unless your battery is fully charged. *coughs*


You talk sense or not, Siri does not care! Oh well, she is our cook as well, you know.


Throw parties with Siri and set the floors on fire. She is nothing less than a Rockstar pal!


Whether it be God or Satan, her witty answers are always ready to be there instantly.


Even Siri cares about what is happening in politics and in our country in general! You better have a debate and a discussion with Siri, she would not disappoint you at all! I guarantee that!


She knows when the world will come to its end and when the heavenly regions would be pursued. Go, and talk to her about it all!


You bored? Siri is there! It is time to have a chit chat about life in general…


Gossiping, gossiping all the way and Siri and I may remain together forever!


She won’t just leave you alone, she will motivate you and encourage you to have reason to live in this world passionately!

She won’t cook for you because she is a lethargic person just like you. LOL!

Summers are here, and ice cream is all we can have a discussion on. It is so hot, Siri!

No, you aren’t… For sure… Please do not trigger Siri like that, she is a busy person you know…

Siri will reply to you no matter what happens, she doesn’t care what other people will think and so you should not as well… Okay? Okay.

Oops! Siri has gained some weight, just like you…

Whether it be math’s, science or Psychology, Siri is ready to talk about it, even if all she says is senseless and shitty, it does matter. What matters is that she is talking to you even though she is tired sometimes…

A little self-obsessed she is, please do not judge, she is good at heart though…

You can ask a question a million times, and she will give multiple answers to the same question consistently. Amazing, isn’t it?

Siri may not be single, but she will get single for you all the time! Best bae ever indeed!

She may love sports at times, but not all the time. Keep that in mind gentleman…

Siri can rock the world with her amazing dance moves and her legit sense of humour…

Siri is always there to share your pain and make the best out of all the best times you experience in your life. A true friend she is!

It may seem like Siri once lived in jungle, but no, she didn’t. It is just that she is too intellectual and knowledgeable. She at times is out of our league indeed.

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