A Candid Interview With Actor And TMZ Frequent Guest Mike Guzman

When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?

When I was a kid watching TV and movies. I always had a love for movies. And I was always in the spotlight whatever school I went to whenever my parents moved to a new town my name was always known throughout the school I could never go under the radar. In Middle School I always remember this time a kid threw a water balloon out the bus and hit a guy in a motorcycle.And I always remember the school police officer said to me you know who threw the water balloon out the window this school revolves around you..LOL So I’ve always been like an Artist performer even when I was young.

What was the first show you ever did?

The very first production I was on was a movie called the Librarians it was a bar night club scene it was a lot of fun it was love at first site. The very first show I was on was called The Glades it was a fun experience. I remember going on that set I was really surprised going from low budget Indy film projects with a couple people filming behind the scenes to hundreds of people behind the scenes and various departments. I always say now my Indy film work is like working for a mom and pop business and the big budget SAG union stuff is like working for a corporation. I like both they both have their good and bad points but I enjoy working both.

Do you prefer acting for film or for the theater?

I prefer film I’m a shy person I get nervous speaking in front of crowds but for some reason on the movie set I’m not as nervous. So I guess I just feel more comfortable with film acting.

What has been your favorite role so far?

That’s a tough question I haven’t done my favorite project just yet cuss I still feel like I’m kind of new to this. I’ve had a lot of projects that I had fun on. Like The Detective Story was interesting working with porn-stars or this short film I was in Not Safe For Work R.I.P. Director Joel Sotolongo that was memorable I played a bad guy and we were shooting guns on a golf course and I got shot and squibbed up those were both fun shoots. And this film I auditioned twice for Beach Bum from my lips to Harmony Korine’s ears maybe that could be my next favorite one. I guess they’ve all been fun maybe the next one will be my favorite one we’ll see.

What role would you love to play that you haven’t yet?

I’d like to play psycho or serial killer or a stalker someone mean and creepy something violent and physical. I feel that would be something new and I’d like to see if I can pull it off and scare the audience. I think I could pull it off maybe some day a Director will cast me for one of those type roles so I can see how well I’d play one of those type characters.

Tell us about your show that airs every Tuesday on the WEI Network?

My 6pm show The Man its a call in show and we have guest . And we talk about relationships,between men and women and we talk about movies, music and entertainment.

I understand you are a frequent commenter on the TV show TMZ, how did you get involved with that?

Well its simple I bugged them I contacted them many times and was like here’s a picture of me and this guy you all did a story on, here’s a picture of me and this girl you did a story on. I remember hearing a local guy once say thats the guy who has pictures with all these celebrities. So I think because of that TMZ said hey he met all these people we cover I have pictures with me and everyone from R.I.P Chester Bennington to 50 Cent and Chance the Rapper, Big Sean to Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to Octomom so I think because of that TMZ was like might as well have this guy on the show and there I am.

Do you think you really understood what you were in for when you decided you wanted to become an actor?

Kind of, the film and acting business reminds me of when I was a stockbroker selling over the phone a very tough sales job. In both you sell yourself and in both you have to deal with a lot of rejection.The thing I didn’t understand that being an actor a lot of my time I’d be unemployed but that is why I enjoy my show on WEI. Before I was writing comics so even if I’m not out working on set I’m always doing something art related meeting music artist going to concerts. I’m always doing something related to the arts.

Why do you think so many aspiring actors end up giving up on their dream?

Well it boils to 1 word and I face the challenge as well and that 1 word is patience. A lot of actors want to work ever day but that doesn’t always happen. Your not going to get every role and there is going to be setbacks. Sometimes a project you work on might get shelved or maybe you give a great performance in something and for whatever reason it never comes out so a lot times there will be setbacks that as an actor you have no control over. So learning to not care about what you have no control over is a big thing and having patience.

Have you ever gotten a chance to be on the other side of the table at an audition (watching, instead of auditioning)? What did you learn from that?

I learned different people have different personalities and some are more comfortable with the process. With myself I am nervous, to me the casting is like a job interview but once I have the job going on set I feel comfortable and I feel like its a sport going on set is like time to play ball I enjoy that casting not so much.

What projects are in the works for you in the near future?

From my lips to God’s ears Beach Bum by Director Harmony Korine. I loved his interviews on David Letterman years ago I feel he’s an eccentric and I’m an eccentric and he’s an artist he’s done more than just direct films so I hope I get to work with him. I also have a project in January with my friend film Director Gary Davis 2054 A Princess A Soldier and A Tailor with Master Chiu Chi Ling who played the Taylor in Kung Fu Hustle and also faught Bruce Lee in a movie many years ago. So hopefully I’ll be out having fun doing both projects soon.

Any advice for someone wanting to pursue acting?

Be patient except rejection and know you won’t be in every project as much as you’d like to work every day and be in everything if your working a lot be grateful. Know that there will be set backs, producers back out of projects, people sometimes shelf projects there’s a business side uncontrollable things. Know as an actor you have to be the best you can be and go out perform and give it your all and what you have no control over don’t worry about. And work hard and do your best and maybe one day we’ll be out there on set working together!

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