A Woman Shot In The Head During The Vegas Attack Has Woken Up From Her Coma

Tina’s mom, Mary Watson Moreland, has been updating friends, family, and Tina’s incredible number of well-wishers on the GoFundMe page set up by family friend Pam Ostiguy Clark. Following Tina’s second surgery on Thursday, Moreland wrote:

Tina took 163 steps yesterday, smiles sometimes, hugs her dad and puckers her lips for Austin! Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy are all working with Tina and she is just a true warrior! The next few days will be recovery and hanging out!
Tina Tough

Frost has been moved to Johns Hopkins in her native Maryland, and is surrounded by a massive support network which includes her family, as well as Hughes’.

Moreland updated the GoFundMe with news of the transfer:

Tina, Austin and I flew out on a medical transport leer jet yesterday. Dr. Blum walked beside Tina in her transport bed…Tina’s friends got all of her cards together and are shipping them home, and Austin’s dad is driving Austin’s car across country…so we are all in it together for the long haul. Thanks for all your support.

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