Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa Has Hilarious Response to Analyst’s Super Bowl Tweet

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​Hey, if it worked for Nick Saban, why can’t it work for Bill Belichick?

The New England Patriots find themselves in a surprising spot: trailing in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady and the Pats have been able to drive up and down the field, but have had trouble punching the ball in the end zone. 

As they look to turn things around, one ESPN analyst has a bold idea as to how the Pats can fix things. 

Well, he certainly has a point. 

Alabama saved their national title hopes this season after subbing in ​freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa at the half, as the young slinger led the team to an amazing overtime victory over Georgia. Why can’t he do the same for the Pats?

He’s certainly ready to rock. ​​

​​It’s only a few hours to fly from Bama to Minnesota. If the Pats have an extra private jet laying around, he might just make it for the final drives of the game!

You never know, it could work. 

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