Bad Lip Reading’s 2018 NFL video is as hilarious as ever

If you’ve been on YouTube in the past few years, you’ve seen a Bad Lip Reading video. The premise is simple — voice actors narrate what it looks like people are saying.

The channel’s videos about the NFL are some of its funniest — and this year’s is no exception.

[embedded content]

There’s some dang gold in there — you really just have to watch it to get the whole effect, but some of my favorites include Cam Newton bragging about owning a zamboni, and Jay Cutler asking Derek Carr to scratch his back.

Of course, a basketball one would be difficult because none of these things would be particularly out of the ordinary for the NBA (Frankly, I feel like multiple NBA players own zambonis.)

So for now, let’s just enjoy the hilarity of this video — and just in time for the Super Bowl, too!

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