Bigg Boss 12 day 46 written update: Sana Khan and Sapna Chaudhary’s entry leads to Sreesanth being titled captain

Diwali is just around the corner and it looks like the makers are in a mood to add some sparks inside the house. After Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta, it’s time for some more ex-Bigg Boss contestants to enter the house. Dancing sensation Sapna Chaudhary and TV babe Sana Khan will also make their presence felt in the house. Catch all the drama ahead.


9: 10 pm

Taking over from Wednesday, the house wakes up to one of Akshay Kumar’s hit song ‘Paisa Paisa Karti Hai’. What we witness next is boys Shivashish Mishra and Deepak Thakur talking about Somi Khan. Deepak confirms that he does not mind dating Somi as he likes her a lot.

Cut straight to the winning team member in the luxury budget (rangoli) task, we see Srishty Rode informing the victorious team that they have to pick two inmates from their team, who they think deserve to be the next captain. More votes pop up for Shiv and Karanvir. But as usual, nothing goes smoothly.  Jasleen Matharu puts up a fight claming that she deserves to be in the captainship war too.


P.S: Adding fuel to the fire and almost creating a havoc, Sreesanth too shouts and yells claiming he wants to be the next captain. Result: Jasleen and Sreesanth will lock horns for the next captaincy.

9: 20 pm

Amid the chaos, Karanvir Bohra reads out the new task for the to-be-captains Jasleen and Sreesanth.  The task is called Bigg Boss mela. In the task, Jasleen and Sree have 1.5 lakh each and the penny-less contestants have to shop from the exhibition by asking for money from the two. In return for the moolah, the captains will ask for the contestants for their support. Let us see who wins…


Surprise element: Hottie Sana Khan happens to be the shopkeeper in the exhibition. We also see the inmates buying loads of clothes.


9:30 pm

Sapna Chaudary throws in a surprise. She promises to dance at the exhibition, given that inmates buy tickets to the show. Every contestant makes it to her performance after they manage to get money out of Sree and Jasleen. What a kick-ass performance, Sapna tu se badii bindass! 


We are then shown Karanvir and Dipika talking about how Sreesanth is not making an attempt to request for their support. On the other hand, Jasleen was doing everything to win the task. Dipika takes it a step further and speaks to Sreesanth about it. She quizzes him on why he is not seeking support from the housemates and whether he is confident he will win against Jasleen. Sree replies, he never wanted to disturb her. LOL!

9:40 pm 

The third surprise celeb entry on the show is Chef Zorawar who arrives with goodies to eat. Obviously!  The dishes are priced in thousands and member are required to get back to asking for money from the to-be-captains. Jasleen and Sree need to loosen up their pocket if they want to win the captaincy title.


The task is finally over and Sreesanth wins the mela task and becomes the new captain of the house. Unexpectedly, Sreesanth turns humble and apologises for his ruthless behaviour on the show so far.

9:55 – 10:00 pm

The show ends with a heart-to-heart conversation between Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakar. They discuss Sreesanth’s changing colours inside the house.  Let us see what is stored in for the viewers in Friday’s episode.


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