We guarantee you’ve never seen this side of Jordan Spieth.

The 24-year-old is in the running for chairman of the PGA Tour’s Player Advisory Council. His opponent? Billy Hurley III.

Both golfers are among the 16 members of the 2018 PAC, which consults with the PGA Tour Policy Board and commissioner Jay Monahan on a variety of issues on Tour.

But there remains that voting (among the PGA Tour membership) for the chairman spot. Whoever wins will also replace Davis Love III as a Player Director on the Policy Board starting in 2019 (and will serve a three-year term).

The chairman election ends Feb. 13, so Hurley took the chance Monday to bolster his candidacy last-minute.

And he did so in tremendous fashion, as Hurley ran a hilarious parody of a political attack ad against Spieth.

Truly this is fantastic stuff. Enjoy:

Disgusting. Pathetic. Thief. Fail. Disgusting (again). Dictator. Out of touch.

Yep, that sounds like Jordan Spieth!

Oh man, there is too much good stuff in there. Of course the phrases above mocking Spieth, and we love these lines about Hurley:

“We need a Golden Man.”

“Billy Hurley III, a golden man for the common man. An American hero.”

Also, we appreciate the bit where Hurley’s caddie compliments his boss, clearly pressured to do so from someone behind the camera. (And then later Hurley is shown being a jerk to said caddie to bring the joke home.)

Overall, this was a 10/10 on the humor scale. And the target of the “attack ad” seemed to agree.

Will the players go for “a demanding dictator who bosses any and everyone around” or “a golden man for the common man”?

We’ll know soon. But the award for best (and most hilarious) ad is already sealed.