Boys and their toys! Amused women share hilarious snaps of their other halves’ hobbies that prove men really DON’T grow up

They say boys will be boys, but spare a thought for the wives and girlfriends who have to put up with the men who never really grow up.

Women from around the world have been sharing examples of their other halves’ immature behaviour in a hilarious Bored Panda gallery.

From roping in pets for to play pranks on their girlfriends, to displaying some very questionable parenting skills in silly snaps with their babies, these men will seemingly do anything to get a laugh.

One man put googly eyes on a dog’s backside, while another decided to make a full use of their label maker by sticking one on their pet.

Another man turned up to a friend’s wedding in a Spiderman costume, while one got the police called in him because his flatulence was causing arguments with his fed up girlfriend.

Below FEMAIL reveals the boys on their very worst behaviour…

Boys and their toys: A group of grown men crowd the toy store to pick out some Star wars goodies

Messing around: Two men look like they’re having the time of their lives as they play with some tubes

Boys will be boys: A man manages to project a moon shape onto the wall using just his head and a torch

A tight squeeze: A fully grown manages to squeeze his whole body into a very tiny tent

Looking good: An amused man looks very pleased with himself in his fun dinosaur costume

Canine capers: This poor dog had its bottom decorated with googly eyes by his owner 

Age appropriate: A man listens intently to a class very clearly meant for young children

Label lover: This man decided to make full use of his label maker and even labeled his pet cat

The fun’s over: A hapless man managed to get his head stuck in his front porch railings

I don’t: A smug looking man attends his friend’s wedding in a Spiderman costume 

Home make under: A very cheeky man made some adjustments to his other half’s cushions

Poor baby: This playful father stacked fruit on his little one’s head as they walked around the store

The gang’s all here: This group of friends decided their down time would be better spend in shark costumes

Do a double take: A man creates a bizarre optical illusion with the help of his poor dog

Sneak peek: Proving  some people never really grow up, an older man poses for a very cheeky picture

Customised: This man decided to personalise his speaker with a rather scary decoration

Father of the year: This baby looked fed up as his father pulled a prank on him for a photo

What a fart: This man’s flatulence almost got him in trouble with the law after it caused rows with his girlfriend

Big kids: This man proves you’re never too old for blowing bubbles as he had some fun at the airport

Strike a pose: This man managed to squeeze himself into the fish tank and pose for a picture

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