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Viral photo: Kind stranger saves Pearland mom in the middle of Target meltdown

Photo: Rebecca Paterson/Facebook Image 1of/72 Caption Close Image 1 of 72 Pearland mom Rebecca Paterson posted a heartfelt message of thanks after another mom approached her to help with two crying children in Target. “I’ll definitely be paying it forward if I see a poor mom in need of help,” Paterson said. “Thanks Tiffany, you’re

Viral Damascus ‘Goat Monster’ Is a Real Goat — You Should See Him in Baby Form

This viral goat is real, and his looks are completely intentional. The video doesn’t include much info about the animal in question, but he’s a clear example of a bizarre breed: The Damascus goat. Also known as the Aleppo, Halep, Baladi, Damascene, Shami, or Chami, these goats are kept for milk, meat, hides, and their odd

Undocumented immigrant arrested in viral video released without charge

LOS ANGELES — There’s been a dramatic turn in the case of an immigrant in the country illegally who was arrested as her children screamed. Video of the arrest went viral and angered many. Perla Morales-Luna was released without charges. She had an emotional reunion with her family two weeks after being arrested. The 36-year-old

Pico Rivera Teacher Who Went on Anti-Military Rant in Viral Video Fired

The high school teacher who was recorded going on an anti-military rant during a class in January was fired Tuesday, according to the superintendent of the El Rancho Unified School District. After a two-month long investigation, school officials decided to terminate Gregory Salcido’s position as a teacher at El Rancho High School. In a video,

Mom Whose Border Patrol Arrest Was Captured In A Video That Went Viral Has Been Released

An undocumented mother whose arrest by Border Patrol in front of her screaming daughters was captured in a video that garnered millions of views has been released from immigration custody. Despite an initial allegation by the Border Patrol that Perla Morales-Luna had been part of a smuggling ring, no charges were filed against her and

Kindergartener’s Energetic Weather Report Goes Viral

Carden Corts is only in kindergarten, but he is already displaying a talent that can lead to a rewarding acting career. In this video, filmed for a school project, Carden delivers a weather report that would put professional anchors to shame!The video gained over 670,000 views on YouTube within 12 hours after it was uploaded

Brewers players recreate ‘The Sandlot’ in viral video

The Milwaukee Brewers are taking baseball fans back to “The Sandlot” via a viral video. The team released a two-and-a-half minute video to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1993 baseball movie that has Brewers players recreating the characters and lines from the film. They even tapped Hank, the dog who is the team’s unofficial

Deeper insight into viral infections

Cytomegaloviruses produce 200 proteins and peptides previously unknown to science. Credit: Thinkstock, Dr_Microbe/University of Würzburg An infection with cytomegalovirus is usually harmless for adults. However, during pregnancy, the virus can be transmitted to the unborn baby and cause malformations. Once the viruses have invaded a human cell, they start to produce large amounts of viral

Georgia tries damage control as Gudauri accident video goes viral

The ski resort of Gudauri is about 130km north of Tbilisi [File: David Mdzinarishvili/Reuters] Videos of a horrifying ski-lift accident at a tourist resort in Georgia have hurt the country’s hard-fought image as an attractive winter sports destination. Friday’s incident saw skiers being violently thrown from a malfunctioning chairlift at the Gudauri resort when it suddenly began

Mum-of-four goes viral after sharing pic of her stretch marks and learning to accept her post-baby body

A mum’s image of her post-baby stretch marks is going viral [Photo: Facebook/Doreen Ching] More <p class="canvas-atom canvas-text Mb(1.0em) Mb(0)–sm Mt(0.8em)–sm" type="text" content="For many mums the struggle to accept the way pregnancy and birth changes your body is oh so real.” data-reactid=”22″>For many mums the struggle to accept the way pregnancy and birth changes your