Cubs utility guy Tommy La Stella is in a hilarious prank war with the front office

Since grabbing Joe Maddon to manage the club prior to the 2015 season, the Cubs have run spring training with an emphasis on fun. We don’t need to rehash all the past hijinks, as Cubs fans are well-versed in all that has gone on and other fans get tired of hearing about it. 

This one is too good to ignore, though. Utility bench player Tommy La Stella started a bit of a prank war with club president Theo Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer last week by parking in their reserved spots. He did it in Epstein’s spot first and then Hoyer. Via 

“I parked in Theodore’s spot first,” he said. “He didn’t bat an eye, man. I heard nothing. Next day was Jed, and he said something, and it kind of rolled from there.”

Epstein and Hoyer aren’t the types to take themselves too seriously in matters like this (after all, they’ve sat in the bleachers in Wrigley Field in disguise before). Instead of getting mad, Epstein and Hoyer came back with a prank of their own by taking all of La Stella’s playing clothes out of his locker before practice this past Monday. 

It forced La Stella to practice in khakis and a collared shirt: 

That spurred La Stella to strike back on the parking spots again, but not with his car. Instead, he rented a bounce house, covering both Epstein’s and Hoyer’s parking spots. 

This obviously won’t end matters and Epstein already fired a shot across the bow. 


La Stella better sleep with one eye open. He’s playing short-handed against two pretty smart dudes with lots of resources at their disposal. 

Now go get angry at the “Cubs have fun” narrative, non-Cubs fans. 

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