Demi Lovato ‘strategically tries to flirt’ with Superman actor Henry Cavill on Instagram

Demi Lovato fans have praised her for using ‘strategic’ social media tactics to try and ‘flirt’ with Superman star Henry Cavill on Instagram.

The 25-year-old singer was spotted ‘laying traps’ for the British actor, with social media users sussing out her clever three-step move.

The first was simply following the Man of Steel actor on the social media platform, but the second was a little more obvious.

Soon after following the actor, Lovato uploaded of a racy picture of herself sporting lacy white lingerie.

In the final move, the singer-songwriter ‘liked’ two of Cavill’s pictures in quick succession, in an apparent bid to get his attention.

Lovato’s followers were instantly impressed by the technique, with many praising her social media prowess.

One wrote: “Demi Lovato laying traps for the biggest game in town. Lord bless and keep her.”

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Another said: “Anywho Demi knows exactly what she’s doing. Henry better like that recent pic of hers too lol.”

Meanwhile: “Demi getting Henry Cavill to comment on her thirst trap is the best thing she’s ever done.”

Lovato’s strategy was quick to pay off as the Superman star followed the pop star, like one of her pictures and commented: “This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato.”

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