Do you think TWICE has a realistic chance of getting invited to this year’s Kouhaku?

i dont remember snsd or kara having a public hit either though ? lol 


to answer OP who knows maybe maybe not 

i dont remember snsd or kara having a public hit either though ? lol 


to answer OP who knows maybe maybe not 

Kara sold 2,000,000 digitals for Mister. 1,250,000 for Jumping and a 1,000,000 for GoGo Summer. Mister was actually a mega hit in Japan.

The song’s popular “butt-dance” has been featured on various TV programs and other media outlets in Japan. A parody of it was featured on the popular anime series Naruto Spin-off: Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals – Episode 6 and Doraemon,[11] and on the live action series Kamen Rider Fourze – Episode 3. The song is featured in the international music game, DJ Max Technika 3; both on arcade and PlayStation Vita releases. The song was also included on the Japanese release of the Nintendo Wii video game Just Dance and on the K-pop Dance Festival which is the Korean version of the Just Dance made by SKONEC.

Many well-known celebrities and actors in Japan have also shown their fondness for the song’s dance. Jun Matsumoto, member of popular Japanese boyband Arashi, also attempted to dance to the song during the April 16 episode of his group’s variety show Arashi Ni Shiyagare. Child actress Mana Ashida also considers herself a fan of the group and had performed the dance during her March 28 appearance on Shabekuri 007. She was later given a surprise visit by the KARA members during her 7th birthday.[12][13]

Figure dolls based upon the group wearing the attire they wore during promotions for the single were eventually released on March 2012 in South Korea and Japan. This also made them the first South Korean idol girl group to launch their own toy-brand based upon themselves.[14]

A K-Pop rookie group produced by JM Entertainment, called “Nom”, consists of a five-male group, helps popularizing the song as one of their performances on their mall shows in the Philippines. Also, an insight for the boy group who made this choreography has also been featured on the Japan’s TV program called Star Cam.[15][16][17]

Accolades Edit
In 2011, USEN revealed that Mister ranked #18 for the year, based on hit song rankings, song requests, and broadcasts. Japan’s Karaoke charts also ranked Mister #1 for the months of November and December, revealing Kara’s popularity potential in Japan in the coming year.[18]

On October 31, 2013, the song was revealed to have made the most profit from royalties and copyright revenue back in 2012 by the Ministry of Culture despite being released back in 2009. These profits come from not only downloads domestically and internationally, but fees received when songs are used for licensing in events such as karaoke joints.

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