‘Dynasty’ Recap: Cristal’s Racy Video Goes Viral

It’s true what they say about lies and the webs we weave. In this episode of Dynasty, the Carringtons spend their time chasing their own tails. They truly are their own worst enemies, especially Steven who is a magnet for murder.

Steven is still trying to find a solid alibi. If he can’t find one he has to give the police a suspect. Fallon thinks he needs to find anyone at this point. Meanwhile, Cristal is still angry with Sam for stealing her ring. She’s afraid Blake will find out. Blake has his own worries and it’s not about the ring. He needs to recover Mathew’s cell phone from the robber. While Blake gets his men on it, Cristal plans a last minute honeymoon out in the woods at one of the Carringtons’ houses for them, most likely in the hopes of distracting Blake. Sammy Jo gets tangled up in the mess too! While he just wanted the ring to pawn for cash for his mother, Mathew’s phone is posing a problem for him. The man he hired to rob Blake has Matthew’s phone and it has a risque video of his Aunt Cristal on there! He wants $200k for the phone. 

The Last To Know 

Without anyone else to turn to, Sammy tells Steven. Meanwhile, Anders is working hard to find the phone. He asks Michael if he knows anything, reminding him that they all have a stake in this if they want to keep their salaries. Steven decides to take control of the situation while his father is away. It seems he is the only one that has his family’s best intentions in mind. After working it out, Steven gets the ransom money and Sammy gets the phone. What Sammy doesn’t know is that Steven has Stanfield at the ready to swoop in and get the money back. Sammy is mad at Steven for involving Stanfield. He thought Steven was different. It seems even when Steven is selfless and tries to help everyone around him while fighting a murder charge on his own, no-one appreciates it.

A First For Fallon

For the first time, Fallon is having trouble getting her way on a new business deal when she thinks she is meeting with an old male friend who has a thing for her. Instead, she comes face to face with a former high-school nemesis, Kori. Watching Fallon try to play nice was a first for Dynasty fans. Her nemesis isn’t looking to forget the past. She isn’t looking to help Fallon in any way and wishes her luck on her business venture with an evil smile. Fallon tells Jeff. He plans to make it right by buttering Kori up with some fun at a club.

Out of Convenience

Michael is purely Fallon’s play thing when she needs him. She invites him to the club to accompany her until she is ready to meet Jeff. Fallon’s night is cut short when her phone starts blowing up. She checks her email and the internet for the latest family drama while talking to Monica about Michael. She only brought him to get him off her back. Michael overhears this when Fallon think he isn’t there. Cristal’s video has gone viral! Fallon makes her way to a private area in the club, leaving Michael to accidentally meet up with Jeff and Kori, who is showing interest in Michael. (Just one more reason for her and Fallon to hate each other.) Fallon loses focus and spends her time worrying about getting revenge on her step-mother. 

Honeymoon from Hell 

It’s hard not to feel for Cristal even if she is hiding something big. She can’t even get Blake to pay attention to her in the middle of nowhere. The two go for a walk and get lost. And to top it all off, she discovers that a video of her and Matthew has reached the internet with people referring to her as the “Million Dollar Tramp.” Their honeymmon is cut short and they head home. Blake puts a Band-Aid on everything within the first day that they are back, telling Cristal that he wants nothing but the truth to be the foundation of their marriage. The two lie their way through what seems to be a reconstitution of their vows. 

Steven Is A Magnet For Murder

You can only feel so bad for Steven until you realize that he too, like the rest of the Carringtons, is his own worst enemy. After Sammy makes him feel bad about sending Stanfield back for the money, Steven pays the robber a visit. The only problem – the robber is dead in his apartment. Hours later, news reports reveal that Matthew’s killer was found as well as the man who released the video of Cristal. When Steven demanded Stanfield clean the mess up, he really did, even if it meant pointing the finger at a dead man to get Steven off the hook. There is no way Steven will be able to live with this guilt.

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