Fallout 76 Framerate Exploit Leads to Hilarious Speed Hacks

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The Fallout 76 beta is currently taking place on PC, giving fans an opportunity to test out the game for themselves and see how well the jump to online multiplayer has gone. But the beta is also allowing players to uncover various bugs and technical issues with the game and the latest is both disastrous and hilarious.

PC players have discovered that by changing a few lines of code in the game’s files, they are able to unlock the framerate. While this should, in theory, allow the game to look a lot better on more powerful computers, it has also had the side effect of giving players a speed hack. It seems that Fallout 76‘s physics system is connected to the framerate and that the higher the framerate, the faster the game will move.

In one video on YouTube, a player who has edited the file and disabled V-sync is able to zoom around a house at an astonishing speed. As the framerate increases, so does the player’s speed. Incredibly, the player is technically only walking around but because of the way that physics and framerates are tied together, it makes them look like the Fallout version of Usain Bolt.

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But this isn’t the only way that Fallout 76 players have been able to get around quicker. In less demanding locations of Fallout 76 or when looking at the ground, the framerate of the game will dramatically increase too. As such, players are able to move a lot faster in certain areas simply just by looking at the ground. While it’s a fun way of getting around, it also helps them get away from enemies (or players who have attacked them) a lot quicker.

The fact that the game currently connects the physics to the framerate is not a new discovery and the issue stems from the engine the studio uses to make its games. Bethesda has confirmed that it is aware of the issue but says that a fix won’t be available until launch. Understandably, many are baffled that this issue went unaddressed during development given that everyone (even fans) have known about it for quite some time.

Bethesda has already warned fans that Fallout 76 that potentially “spectacular” bugs could arise. The studio’s games are notoriously buggy too, so fans were prepared for some teething issues. Some weren’t expecting problems as significant as this speed hack/framerate exploit, however, which has left some fans feeling skeptical about the game.

Fallout 76 releases November 14, 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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