From Kanye West To Farrah Abraham: 9 Celebs Who Are Constantly Being Accused Of Being A Diva

But have they really earned their diva-ship a la Gemma Collins?

Celebs get a lot of love but they also get a hella lot of hate. And the easiest barb to throw is, for sure, the DIVA. Let’s face it there is always going to be a story or two about some ridiculous behaviour from a famous person but it’s the stars who are plagued with the rumours that we’re interested in.

Do they deserve the title or is it all just a huge misunderstanding? We’re looking at you, Kardashian friends and family…


1. Farrah Abraham

After appearing on Teen Mom and Celebrity Big Brother, fans got to see Farrah kicking off whenever she didn’t get her way. And it wasn’t just viewers of the shows that accused her of being a diva. While starring together on Single AF, Marnie Simpson said of the reality star: “I don’t really have any words for Farrah, I think I need to keep my mouth shut. She seems really unhappy with her surroundings, she needs to just relish any moment. Maybe she’s on her period, maybe someone should buy her some Feminax.” She was also allegedly caught throwing a glass at Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan Wallace after she labelled her a ‘nobody’.

2. Justin Bieber

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JB has been a diva for along as we can remember tbh. From his crazy rider demands – NEVER speak directly to him to his peeing in buckets, you know cos he wanted to. He’s been blasted by fans for ignoring them, charging ridiculous amount for meet and greets for a few seconds with the star and egging his neighbour’s house. We could go on.

3. Kanye West

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Our most favourite diva of all. Apart from his 300 rants about how he is a musical god and how he totally took over Kim K’s fashion choices, our fave thing is that he demands, in his dressing rooms, a certain type of speaker that was discontinued TEN YEARS ago. What’s wrong with a Sonos, Yeezus?

4. Gemma Collins


The GC is a self-confessed queen after telling Ferne McCann on TOWIE that she had earned her ‘diva-ship’. CBB viewers saw her demand food, refuse to get out of bed and kick off at her housemates while most recently she was seen being accused of being a diva by her date for showing up late on Celebs Go Dating before storming off. LOVE HER.

5. Chris Pine

Who would have thought? Chris has reportedly been branded a ‘pain in the ass’ by the people working on Wonder Woman. A source told The Sun: “Chris has been a royal diva and a pain in the a***. “He’s demanding special treatment, asking for meals that aren’t even on the catering menu and insisting they’re brought to his trailer. Whereas the other lead stars are mixing well with the crew, Chris just keeps himself to himself, refusing to get involved.”

6. Kris Jenner

Being the momager of the Kardashian klan has got to be hard work so you can forgive Kris for snapping from time to time. But multiple reports have accused her of being a ‘monster’ boss and that she can’t keep assistants. A source told In Touch: “She has this complex where she has to know that she’s in control and can intimidate people. But this guy she hired wasn’t scared of her so she fired him. Some of her employees cry every day. She has a hard time keeping people.”

7. Lindsay Lohan

According to one Russian talk show, LiLo had a list of demands that longer than her acting career (lol?). She demanded that she have a private jet with a hairstylist, a makeup artist, and a manicurist onboard plus a 1-year Russian visa, a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite, and a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. This is on top of the ton of reports that movie studios refuse to work with her because she is so unprofessional. And her 2005 Georgia Rule co-star Jane Fonda reportedly wrote her a scolding letter about her bad behavior on set. Ouch.

8. Jonathan Cheban

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Kim Kardashian’s bestie has been known to fly off the handle when he doesn’t get his way on Keeping Up With The Kardashians but it was his demands when appearing on Celebrity Big Brother that really made him. According to a The Daily Mail source: “Jonathan’s diva demands [were] off the scale. For the launch show, he requested that he be driven to the eye in a black Rolls-Royce. And he also demanded that he could order in food from restaurants Roka, Nobu, Zuma, and Mandarin Oriental. All of this after he was flown over by show producers in a private jet from the States! They’re the biggest demands Celebrity Big Brother has ever encountered.”

9. Scott Disick

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We all remember that hideous moment on KUWTK when Scott got hammered and shoved money down a waiter’s throat telling him to ‘shut the f*ck up’ after Kris Jenner had told him not to serve Scott. We’ve also seen him break mirrors after Kourtney Kardashian confronted him about smoking marijuana in the apartment they shared with their son Mason and spend millions on whatever he likes, calling himself The Lord the whole time. Oh Scott.

Fom divas to villians – everyone loves a bad guy eh?

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