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Guess Guess Seductive Blue Cologne 3.4 Oz Edt For Men - GUESB34SM
Guess Seductive Blue Cologne 3.4 Oz Edt For Men - GUESB34SM
Filthy Fragrance
Walmart US
Stage Stores
Rite Aid

Got this one for 20 bucks on sale. Overall, it is a safe product with has a terrific opening, but then dries down to a relatively mild scent after about a 15 minutes.

Its a very nice spicy, sweet, and creamy opening. No fruits are listed on pyramid note, but I definitely sense a fruityness circa apple, bergamot/orange or melon. The combination of fruits combined with other notes give it a definitive bubblegum like quality, sort of like Paco Rabanne 1 million or Faconnable, but a bit lighter, spicier and greener. Its sorta got a similar structure to modern fragrances like L’Homme, Blue de Chanel and John Varvatos for men in a round about way, but toned down and less depth than those fragrances. Perhaps I’m liking the opening alot just because it mixes well with the alcohol. All around, this has one of the best openings that I have come across.

A bit disappointed with the heart and drydown though as it fades very fast to a skin scent. Not much in terms of sillage. It’s hard to gage the drydown, as I don’t get much. Mostly linear scent, but I wouldn’t say it is completely linear as some of the attraction in the opening fades out after a few minutes. To me the greeny/woodiness and spiciness seem to disappear. It is mostly musky and fruity with some faint amber and sandalwood. Its mostly a fresh, sweet aromatic scent.

Because of its sweetness, I would consider this to be more of an under 30s fragrance, but soft enough to be practical for older gentlemen. Mostly a casual scent for warm and casual days in the Nautica Voyage range. Not much depth but the scent is attactive enough for close contact situations sorta like John Varvatos or La Nuit De L’Homme. It has a bit of that bubblegum feel, but its not strong enough to be a clubbing scent. It could be a good everyday work scent from the point of view that it is inoffensive and light in sillage. However, the longevity is not enough to last a full work day, at least not for me. From that perspective, I just took it to work and keep it there so that I can reapply at lunch. Kind off a generic scent, but it is a safe bargain bin choice.

If you are not keen on spending $60-90 bucks for L’Homme, JV, or Blue De’Chanel, pick this up for $19.99. In terms of bargain bin fragrances I know of, I’d pick this 2nd behind Nautica Voyage, and both serve somewhat similar functions.


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