Hilarious moment football pundit collapses in a heap after leaning too far back in his chair

THIS is the hilarious moment an overweight football pundit ended up in a heap on the floor of a radio studio after his chair broke live on air.

Radio presenter Vasily Utkin, 45, who weighs about 23 stone, was leaning back on his chair when it suddenly gave way.


Football pundit Vasily Utkin was leaning back on his chair during the show

He was speaking on Russia’s Sport FM when the furniture collapsed under his weight.

A video shows how Utkin ended up on his backside while discussing the form of FC Lokomotiv Moscow.

An ominous creaking noise was heard before the chair suddenly broke under the considerable load.

Utkin had his feet resting on another chair and was unable to stop himself from landing awkwardly under the table.


But he leaned back too far and it gave way leaving him in a heap on the floor


Utkin joked that he had broken over a dozen chairs since his schooldays

The radio presenter was on the floor for a minute before a colleague helped him back to his feet.

Utkin later joked that he had broken approximately 15 chairs since his school days.

But he added: “This is the first time live on air. All these tricks are done by professionals, do not try repeating them at home without adult supervision.”

Utkin loves mocking FC Lokomotiv Moscow’s head coach, Yuri Semin, 70, but the joke was on him after the funny moment.


His co-host on Russia’s Sport FM managed to keep a straight face


Utkin, who is 45-years-old, weighs approximately 23 stone

His spectacular fall was captured on a studio webcam and subsequently shared on social media.

Fans were quick to mock Utkin, who is a regular fixture on Sport FM, which is the Russian equivalent of talkSPORT.

One called Voenniy said: “Yes furniture can be tricky, but you should start eating less.”

While another called Dunyasha added: “The other host had incredible willpower not to start laughing on air.

“If I was there, I would have been rolling under the table.”

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