Hilarious photos reveal some of the best (and worst) shop sign fails

AMUSED shoppers took snaps of failed retail displays which left them choked with laughter during their shopping trips.

The eagle-eyed customers took to social media to share the photos of the in-store displays that are so wrong – they’re hilarious.

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This back to school display which probably should have advertised pencils – offered KNIVES instead

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Customers wondered if staff at this bakery tried to keep the pretzels for themselves

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This shop locator display appeared to beg parents to buy beer and wine for their tots

One sign inadvertently suggested mothers belong in the kitchen, as a range of household cleaning products were showcased next to a sign for Mother’s Day.

The display decorated with pink hearts read: “Perfect gifts for Mother’s Day!”

Parents would have been astonished to see a series of knives being sold under the caption: “Back to School”, which had a bunch of pencils designed alongside it.

Customers could have been left wondering if the retailers needed to take their own advice.

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The designers of this store were truly trying to express their availability – claiming to be open NINE days a week

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‘Nut sacks’ were on offer at this store along with chips, popcorn and soda

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Ahead of Father’s Day, retailers looked for ways to sway customers spending habits, but staff at this store got it completely wrong

Staff at a different store seemed very keen to express their availability to customers.

In a large hanging in-store display, a sign read claimed the shop was “open nine days a week”.

Kids would have left their father’s gobsmacked if they took advice from staff who positioned the sign, “Spoil dad this Father’s Day” in front of a pack of tampons.

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This display tries to sell GRAPELESS grapes, and its not clear if they’re actually being sold for £148

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A pack of scrumptious white cookies are being mistakenly sold in packaging for donuts

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Staff appear to claim mum’s want household cleaning products for Mother’s day in this embarrassing blunder

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This failed sign beckons customers to get a bag of ice while it’s hot

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Calling customers idiots for wanting to buy this pack of rock fish, may not be the best way to sell products

A bag of “grapeless grapes” appeared to be advertised for £148.

To the customers amusement, the grapes were positioned next to a sign which claimed the store sold “great food at great prices”.

These hilarious blunders come days after staff ruined the Christmas surprise John Lewis launched in their advert.

Staff mistakenly put cuddly toys of the main character on sale early.

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