Jhene Aiko Has No Chill Commenting On Big Sean’s Pic: ‘I Wanna Hump That Face’

Jhene Aiko seriously has no chill, and we are loving it!

The songstress’ bae, Big Sean recently hopped on Instagram to announce his upcoming Unfriendly Reminder Tour, and Aiko celebrated the big news by commenting under his photo with a raunchy, NSFW message. You’re going to have to close your kids’ eyes for this one.

The photo is a profile image of Sean rocking a pink hoodie. Honestly, it looks like a regular celebrity photo, but something about this one got Jhene’s juices flowing. “I wanna hump that face,” she wrote.

She didn’t stop there though. She then double-commented on the pic with an even more explicit message. “How u look at me right before I sit on ur face… Like a pure baby angel,” she added, referencing Big Sean’s pose.

This isn’t the first time Jhene has commented on her boo’s social media accounts. The couple has often exchanged naughty and sweet messages on each other’s pages since they got together in 2016.

There’s nothing wrong with a little PDA; let your freak flag fly! Tickets Big Sean’s Unfriendly Reminder Tour are currently on sale. Check out Jhene’s comments below.

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