Justin Timberlake’s Face At World Series Game Says It All

I stayed true to my baseball watching superstitions last night by choosing not to watch away games, and woke up to a huge Astros WIN this morning! (you’re welcome!)

Apparently I missed one heck of a game though. Bummer, lol.

The Astros and Dodgers were neck and neck all evening with one team scoring, then the next team scoring. Then one team scoring again, then the other team scoring again. The game was so close that it even went to extra innings, and in the 11th inning George Springer hit a 2-4un homer run that pretty much locked it down for us. The final score was 7-6 and the Astros got their first world series game win.

Throughout the game, the announcer let the crowd know which celebs were in attendance…everyone from John Legend, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, to of course Justin Verlander‘s fiance Kate Upton, and even Justin Timberlake was there!

Poor Justin though, he’s a Dodger fan…and someone snapped this pic of him with a pretty shocked face. Probably because the Dodgers lost, but you never know. JT don’t be upset…don’t cry us a river. Hahahhaa, ok sorry. #hadto

We all feel like this picture needs a great caption though…so take a look and caption away!

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