Kriti Sanon Received Hilarious Suggestions After She Got Stuck In Lift

Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon got stuck in the lift on 9nth Feb 2018. She was in Mumbai for an event, where this accident happened. The interesting thing to note here is that while there usually is no network in lifts, she was receiving full 3G coverage. And she couldn’t stop herself from posting this on Twitter.

As soon as Kriti tweeted, replies to her tweet started to flood. People gave her all types of suggestion, some of which were good, some were bad and some were hilarious. Take a look at these tweets:

Just enjoy the moment.

This one tried to make a joke.

Being Shahrukh.

Honest advice.

Kirti tagged her manager and asked her to get her out. She said that she is getting late for the meeting. She also told her fans that she is all right but hungry. A fan gave her suggestion to eat a chocolate.

After being stuck in the lift for almost an hour, she finally came out and announced it on twitter.

Have you ever faced such situation? Mention your stories in comments.

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