LinkedIn CEO Takes Selfie At Employee’s Desk. Here’s Why It’s Viral

Imagine this – your boss is coming in to meet you and your team but you’re not there. Instead, you’re far away on a vacation. What do you do? Cancel your long-planned holiday? Or risk missing an important meeting? An employee’s nightmare!

A similar scenario played out for Mariah Walton, an analytics manager with professional networking website LinkedIn. Her boss, the CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner, was flying in to meet staffers at the company’s Dublin office. But due to a pre-planned leave, Ms Walton was going to miss the high-profile visit.

So, she improvised.

Ms Walton left a note at her desk apologising for missing the opportunity to meet him. Along with it, she pinned a photo of herself on her desktop.

Ms Walton returned to work to find a selfie of Mr Weiner posing at her desk while she was away and a note as well.

The photo posted five days ago is viral with nearly 33,000 likes with people praising the LinkedIn CEO for his leadership skills and viewing his employees as actual human beings who have a life beyond work.

“It’s the little simple things that a person can do to connect with their staff…this is super cool and innovative in both sides. I love that you left a note and I love that he took a selfie with it,” wrote Lynette Hall.

“Jeff, thank you for recognizing her individuality and demonstrating fantastic leadership,” commented one person. “If you worked in my country, you would get fired for that,” noted another.

“Why does your CEO have to be so cool? I am jealous!” joked Shruti Kapoor.

To further reinforce that he’s the coolest boss ever, the CEO Jeff Weiner himself commented on the post, “Mariah, sorry I missed you this trip to Dublin. Keep up the great work on the international dashboard. Has been a game changer for the product team.”

In the comments thread, Ms Walton also wrote that she considered herself “fortunate” that her company allows “such banter”.

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