LOL: This Video Of A Tyga Diss To Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Is Parody Gold

Former Young Money rapper, also known as Kylie Jenner’s ex-flame, Tyga, has been on hush since her YouTube video reveal of the birth of her daughter with Houston rap artist Travis Scott.

But the jokes, memes, and now spoofs, are louder than ever, and this “Rack City” remix parody from Instagram sensation Cash Flow Harlem has viewers hollering in laughter.

Cash Flow Harlem takes on T-Raww’s voice and literal appearance, using face-swap filter technology, as he spits the original verse over Tyga’s 2011 hit single. The lyricism he penned is not safe for Kardashian-Jenner fans, either.

“B**ch you a motherf***ing wh**e/ Who you ‘bout to have a baby for?” he raps. “I think you need a reminder/ I been hitting that since you was a minor.”

He name-drops Kylie’s baby’s father La Flame in the diss too, lamenting that “now she’s f**king with this lame n**ga Travis.”

After a jab at her cosmetically enhanced lips and a shot at the mother of Tyga’s child and first celebrity girlfriend, Blac Chyna, he ends the verse with post-breakup grievances.

“Time’s getting hard, baby you ain’t pay me so they repoed my cars,” he spits. “And I ain’t have a hit since Rack City/ So stop playin’ b**ch get back with me.”

As we’ve gathered, the diss is only a joke. Even still: don’t let Kris see this one.

For everyone else, you can see Cash Flow Harlem’s “Tyga Freestyles Dissing Kylie’s Pregnancy” parody below.  

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