Love Island’s Olivia Buckland Is Seriously P*ssed Off With Her Fans

Olivia Buckland has gone on a bit of an angry rant on Twitter at her fans after one in particular made her feel uncomfortable during a recent outing.

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Taking to Twitter, the Love Island star wrote: “Please do not video me like Im some kind of animal in a zoo. When I turn around & stare straight at you & you laugh & film me.. not ok.[sic]”

“I’m always up for a pic for anyone and everyone but please don’t film me without me knowing whilst im with friends & eating.[sic]

“It’s not only embarrassing for you as a human being – but also makes me extremely uncomfortable & anxious. So next time think.”

Followers began sending her a bit of grief over her rant, hinting that she ‘chose to be in the limelight’ and that she rather than moaning about it on Twitter she should have gone over to the ‘fan’ in question and asked them to stop.

After reading the negative comments, Olivia then lashed out at her followers over their views, and said: “LOL ok so you guys would be happy to be filmed eating if you used to have an eating anxiety disorder yeah? DIDNT THINK SO.[sic]”

Fellow celebrity, Scarlett Moffatt tweeted the Love Island star her support, saying she felt exactly the same about the issue

But it wasn’t all just negativity, as many followers rushed to support the star and argue her case to the others who were opposing. One wrote: “Dont understand that just cos Liv is on TV people cant respect her privacy. It’s not like she refuses the attention, it’s courtesy to ask! X[sic]”

There has always been a huge debate about just how much privacy a celebrity should be entitled too. Should you be allowed to demand people don’t take videos of you when you’re not ‘working’, or because you ‘chose that life’ should you be public property at any time they please.

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