LSU roasted over hilarious tweet about QB ‘excellence’

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The LSU football program has been among the most successful in recent history. It also sends a ton of top-level prospects to the NFL ranks.

One thing that has not been synonymous with Tiger football is outstanding quarterback play. More than that, the program has not really seen any quarterback transition to having success in the NFL.

Despite this, LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger attempted to tout the program’s quarterback “excellence” on Twitter recently.

To say it didn’t go too swimmingly would be a massive understatement. Those who reacted in GIF form pretty much won the day on the social media site.

The vast majority of those who responded are LSU fans. Even then, they know the Tigers aren’t exactly QB U. The best known fo the group that Ensminger touted was none other than JaMarcus “Purple Drank” Russell, who flamed out in just three NFL seasons after the Oakland Raiders made him a No. 1 overall pick back in 2007.

Matt Flynn earned a total of $19.2 million over a seven-year career that saw him start a combined seven games. These are the two headliners.

LSU has a lot to tout. But it might want to focus on running back or wide receiver, not quarterback, on the offensive side of the ball. My gosh.

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