Matt LeBlanc Plays A Father For The First Time, Reveals Hilarious Encounter With Ex ‘Friends’ Co-Star Matthew Perry

Matt LeBlanc finally got to know what it’s like playing a dad onscreen, according to ET Online. The 49-year-old former Friends star will for the first time play a dad on TV on the upcoming show Man With a Plan, and it appears that the actor is ready to join the club of TV dads!

Not only is LeBlanc preparing to launch his new show, but the former Friends star is returning to CBS, which was also a dear home to Friends, which ended its run over a decade ago.

In his interview with ET Online, Matt LeBlanc revealed how it feels playing a TV dad for the first time.

“I feel like it’s time. I’m about 1,000 years old now, so I feel like this is a new thing for me. I’ve never really done this before.”

All jokes aside, Matt LeBlanc plays a contractor who has to dedicate more time to his home duties after his wife, played by Liza Snyder, goes back to work. But he learns the hard way that parenting is not as easy as it seems.

In fact, it’ll be weird for some viewers to see Matt LeBlanc in the role of a dad, as they got used to seeing him as a bachelor on Friends. The actor also admitted that he fully understands the parenting struggles as he is a real-life parent.

Matt LeBlanc has a 12-year-old daughter Marina, and the actor admits that there has been “some funny stuff” in his real-life parenting history. So it’s time to put that onscreen with the help of CBS’s Man With a Plan.

Matt LeBlanc was also comfortable enough to have Snyder as his wife on the show, as the two have been friends for decades, which allowed them to have that built-in chemistry from the first day of filming.

The series starring Matt LeBlanc premiered on October 24 on CBS. In fact, being on the set on the CBS Radford lot in Studio City, California, allowed the actor to see his former Friends co-star Matthew Perry everyday at work, according to ET Online.

Matt LeBlanc revealed that it’s “funny” to run into Perry from time to time, and sometimes it even gets hysterically funny and strange at the same time.

“It’s like, ‘What scene are you – why are you out here? Oh no, no, no, you’re on a different show now!’ That was 20 years ago, nevermind!”

Matt LeBlanc is one busy actor on TV nowadays! The former Friends star has recently returned to working on the new series of the revamped Top Gear, according to the Telegraph.

BBC raises high hopes that Matt LeBlanc will help them save the motoring show from its demise after it showed horrible ratings earlier this year. But this season, LeBlanc will get to host the show without Chris Evans, who quit the show amid bad ratings.

Matt LeBlanc, who reportedly didn’t get along with Evans on the set, revealed that he is getting back to work via his Twitter account earlier this month.

Matt LeBlanc reportedly signed a £1.5 million contract with the BBC to film two more seasons of the motoring show. The actor joined the show at the beginning of this year following the scandalous departure of the previous host Jeremy Clarkson, who punched the show’s producer.

Top Gear showed abysmal ratings this year, as they plummeted from 4.4 million per episode to 2.3 million.

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