Mom’s hilarious reaction to daughter’s pregnancy reveal using card game

An amusing video of a woman reacting hilariously to her daughter’s pregnancy announcement using a card game. The footage, captured on November at a home in Nebraska, shows the woman saying ‘Might Ought Hers Praying Nut’ which becomes ‘My daughter is pregnant.’ After several attempts she grasps the meaning of the words. She gets extremely excited and screams ‘Oh no, really? Sh** no!’ and burst into tears hugging his daughter. ”I wanted to make sure I did something special for my mom so I started searching on Pinterest for ideas and found this card that said “Might Ought Hers Praying Nut”,” the daughter later wrote online. ”We suggested my mom to have a family game night. My mom was the last to guess and i pulled out the laminated card, tried to camouflage it in with other cards and totally rigged it.” ”Her reaction was nothing like I expected.We have never seen her cry like that before.” ”It was very funny,” she added.

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