Olivia Attwood Hits Out At Body Shamers Who Said She Looked ‘Pregnant’

Olivia Attwood has hit out at trolls who claimed she looked ‘pregnant’ in a recent picture.

Some people were convinced that Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes were expecting their first child together, after she posted a series of pictures on Instagram.

According to the trolls, she had a “bump” in the pics, and rushed to speculate in the comments section. One fan questioned: “PREGNANT?” while another urged: “Nooo way on the second pic zoom in on her belly.”

Her family were quick to slam claims, and Liv herself went on social media to say that she wanted to take a pregnancy test to see whether she did actually have a bun in the oven, and has even been thinking about names.

Taking to her Instagram story, Liv, complete with a cute bear filter, posted a series of snaps, where she discussed her ‘pregnancy’ worries…

Credit: Instagram/Olivia Attwood

However, it seems that Liv doesn’t find it funny anymore.

Writing in her column in New! Magazine, she said: “Some pictures of me at Ascot caused literally thousands of people to ask if I’m pregnant.

“Now, I’ve got a really thick skin and I really couldn’t care less, but I think it’s really sad more than anything. I don’t want to say that I’m tiny, but I’m hardly big, am I?

“So many people would delete that picture because it’s so hideous to have so many people say that.

“It’s literally just the way I’m stood and the way the wind is blowing, but it’s so sad that we live in a world where your stomach is round – which it’s meant to be – and people call you pregnant.

“Like I said, it doesn’t bother me, but I really hate to think about the effect it would have on other girls.”

Liv’s brother had originally slammed claims that she was ‘pregnant’ in a pretty hilarious comeback. Her lil bro Max quipped: “Lol ya’ll mad for thinking she’s pregnant, knowing Liv she probably necked a nugget share box to her self before she went to the races that’s all.”

Liv alluded to this, saying: “My brother shut all the haters down on Instagram by saying I’d probably eaten too many McDonalds chicken nuggets, which would normally be accurate, but this time it was just the six bottles of champagne. He wasn’t far off!”

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