People are slamming an Indonesian zoo after footage of an Orangutan smoking a cigarette goes viral

Screenshot/ABC News

  • Footage of an Orangutan smoking a cigarette at an Indonesian zoo went viral.
  • People were outraged and called on the zoo to shut down.

International anger has aimed at an Indonesian zoo after a video of an orangutan smoking a cigarette in its habitat went viral.

ABC News reported that the viral video was shot Sunday at Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo. The video showed a man tossing a lit cigarette into the habitat, where it was promptly picked up by the large orangutan, a 22-year-old named Odon, and smoked.

Animal rights activists blasted the zoo, which was previously accused of starving bears, for a lack of supervision, ABC News reported. In addition, about 1 million people signed up for a petition to shut down the zoo after the incident.

The Zoo said in a statement that it regrets the incident.

Watch the footage:

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