Post about naked man on local police car going viral, but not for reason you think

According to a post on its Facebook page, Palestine police arrested a naked man for public intoxication from an unknown narcotic after he climbed onto the hood of one of their cars.

A local took a photo of the incident and shared it with the police department, who then decided to share the arrest on Facebook.

The post has been shared and commented on several times; however, some comments are calling out the police department for it’s original verbiage as shown in the screenshot below.

Edit history from Palestine Police Department Facebook Post

The department responded to the dialogue, stating:

You’re right, addiction is a horrible thing. This wasn’t about that, it was the fact that a citizen snapped this photo and has been shared by hundreds already including the media. We thought you’d want to hear what happened directly from us, since it’s in our city and our police are the ones who had to deal with this. The memes weren’t being requested but expected in this crazy world we now live in. We appreciate the dialogue.

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