Tatler apologises to former-Downtown Abbey star Daisy Lewis after it said she would be ‘fun in bed’

After making a rather crude and unsavoury comment about former Downton Abbey star Daisy Lewis, 31, the elite magazine has issued an “unreserved apology”.

The society bible wrote that the star was ‘probably… fun in bed’ in a description of Daisy in its annual Little Black Book segment.

Described as “the most selectable, delectable eligibles of the year”, it seemed to have missed the mark this time around with its unsavoury commentary on the actress, and has had to hastily backtrack.

In the original copy, accompanied by a picture of the British actress, the magazine wrote: “As Daisy is quite small, you might be tricked into believing she’s quiet. LOL.

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The Downton Abbey star wasn’t taking her mention lightly (Image: © Carnival Film & Television Ltd)

Daisy Lewis

Daisy with Kate Fleetwood (Image: Getty)

“She isn’t. This actress is loud. Which makes her fun at a party. And in bed. Probably.”

Read the room, Tatler.

Lewis was hardly finding the mention amusing, tweeting her astonishment at the description on Friday, writing: “I’m really shocked and upset by this. But thankfully I’m ‘loud’ enough to say it.

“Does anyone at Tatler read the news? #misogyny #loudwomen.”

Met with support from her followers, Playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz replied to her tweet – which was accompanied by a photo of the mention: “Daisy Lewis writer of words and thoughts… something this pseudo journalist is incapable of… it takes bravery to write. Tatler gibberish.”

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Tatler Magazine November edition cover

Tatler Magazine (Image: Alan Gelati/Tatler)

Another supporter wrote: “That’s AWFUL. I’m actually speechless.”

To which Daisy replied: “Yep…but I’m not thankfully.”

The famous magazine, published by Conde Nast, announced it would be formally apologising when it next hits the printers.

The publication tweeted on Saturday morning: “Tatler apologises unreservedly to Daisy Lewis. We will also be publishing a full apology in the next issue.”

Fans slammed the magazine for their poor humour.

One said: “Hope you give the apology the exact page position and size of the original article and make a generous donation to a charity of Daisy’s choice.

While another added: “Utterly appalled. Will never buy Tatler again. What hope do we have if magazines FOR WOMEN are treating women so poorly?”

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