The hilarious reason why Ty Lue wouldn’t let his players coach in timeouts like the Warriors


There was mixed reaction to Steve Kerr letting his players run the huddles during timeouts in a blowout win over the Suns on Monday – but regardless of whether he thought it was disrespectful or not, Cavaliers coach Ty Lue had a pretty good reason on Tuesday for saying he would never let his team do that.

From ESPN:

“I wouldn’t do that,” Lue said Tuesday before the Cavaliers’ game with the Oklahoma City Thunder. “They already said LeBron’s coaching the team, anyway. If I give him the clipboard, they’re really going to say it.”

After all, Lue has to watch out for certain perks that coming with coaching: Like his seat cushion.


LeBron James took Tyronne Lue’s seat cushion and then didn’t even use it. ??

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