They really ARE in the dog house! Exasperated owners reveal their pooches’ naughtiest behaviour in hilarious pet-shaming snaps

With their big puppy dog eyes these pooches may look innocent – but their owners know better.

A hilarious new online gallery shared on Imgur has revealed the way long-suffering owners have ‘shamed’ their mutts.

The viral trend for dog-shaming sees people reveal their pets wrong-doings by posing them up with a poster outlining what they’ve been up to. 

In many cases causing a noxious smell was enough to put pets in the dog house, with one Dachshund accused of pooping in an air conditioning AC vent – with dire consequences.

Elsewhere cheeky pups were exposed for chewed up their owners’ possessions -including a wireless cable and even a diploma. 

Pet owners have shared their hilarious dog-shaming snaps in a hilarious new online gallery

It is unlikely that the presence of his pet in the photos will help this man to flog his trainers any quicker 

While this corgi requires a leg-up when he gets into the car he has no trouble getting his paws on the cat food

This sweet pup looks fairly ashamed of her habit for rolling on dead animals 

After nuzzling several poisonous frogs this pooch is in for a trippy experience 

This whole house now smells like dog feces after this Daschund failed to do his business in the garden 

Hard wood floors and sharp claws can make a real racket, but sock help to muffle the noise as this unimpressed Boston Terrier discovered

After learning that playing dead earned her a treat, this mutt is now more than happy to perform the trick 

One greedy dog will do anything for a snack, including stealing the neighbour’s religious offerings 

Birdman was able to drop a little extra weight with a little help from his trapped wind 

Clearly this Golden Retriever needs a lesson or two when it comes to social decorum 

After causing upset at the beach this dog’s owner decided they were better off sticking to the park when it comes to walks 

He may look big and tough but this dog is all puppy when it comes to kittens 

This cat and dog truly are arch nemesis, with this pooch locking the moggy in the shower  

Enthusiasm might just be this Corgi’s flaw when it comes to meeting new dogs 

Eating things he shouldn’t meant this pooch not only made a mess but cost his owner $100

The evidence seems particularly damming against this dog following an incident with the toilet roll 

He may be small but this pooch has every belief he can make it as a guard dog – the cat, however, disagrees  

Kerby was the first to break the news to his owner that her diploma had arrived 

If you think you have Wi-fi problems you should try living with this cheeky puppy 


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