This Hilarious Valentine’s Day Prank Is Every Guy’s Nightmare And Every Girl’s Dream Come True

Valentine’s day is a day meant to be filled with love. Love for your significant other, for your best bro’s, your best girlfriends and even your family. It’s a day to celebrate love!  Of course, not everyone has it that easy. Teehee.

Zoya Azar Raza decided to play a prank on her friend by posting an ‘ad’ of her friend on the popular Facebook group, ‘Soul Bitches.’

Source: Soul Bitches Via Facebook


Also, please notice that every single one of these clauses were perfect for any and every Pakistani girl. Group dates so you don’t have to worry about other people and onlookers, hugs and selfies for days AND AN ASPIRING CARDIOLOGIST?

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The amenities offered got us like. ^

And our Ammi’s like:

Source: Dharma Productions

And may we just add, the young man on sale was not too bad on the eyes either. Zayn/Danyal Zafar vibes, nai!?

Source: Soul Bitches Via Facebook


Zoya and her friends were inspired by this Indian ‘ad’ that had been circulating social media.

VALENTINE’S DAY BOYFRIEND RENTAL 00:00 – 23:59 14th Feb 2018 Package 1: Holding hands & putting arm around the shoulders Package 2: Holding hands, putting arm around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks & forehead Package 3: Holding hands, putting arm around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks, forehead, and lips Package 4: ANYTHING YOU WANT Use promo code ‘RICHGUY’ and get – 20% off – Freeride in my Audi Bio: – 26 y/o – 56 kg – 160 cm – Assuring you that your family will love me (even your friends ;)) – Sagittarius so I’m generous, open-minded & idealistic – Willing to be your makeup practice model – Can cook any kind of dish – Watch Netflix with you —————— Things I cannot do: – Defend you from cockroaches – Fashion talk – Eat seafood – Beauty talk ——————- Different personas I’m willing to pull off: – Christian Grey (never tried it but willing to explore and try new things ;)) – Billionaire playboy who was stuck on an island for 5 years – Gay (just to make you laugh) – Innocent look – Sweet lover – Bad boy If you are interested, comment here or message me P.S. – You can choose wherever you want to go and what to do

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The post was enough for them to create one of their own and allow the ladies of the world to bask in their own Valentine’s fun.

And just btw, the guy being pranked had NO idea that any of this was going on. So basically it was the world’s best/sneakiest prank as well as the cutest and garnered a TON of attention from the members of the group.

We’re talking TONS of comments and offers. ~ And since it is the wonderful world of the Internet, the ad spread to multiple other platforms all over the web.

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What we imagine mystery Valentine boy felt like. ^

Unfortunately, before anyone could purchase said potential Valentine, the admin of the site took down the post.

Source: DanishAli/Youtube

But oh well, it was fun while the Vday fun lasted!

Did you guys see the post? What did you think of it? Do you wish it was real? Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Or ordering in a bunch of food and watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham for the 154th time? SAME! Let us know in the comments below. Love you.

Cover photo source Soul Bitches Via Facebook

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