This person tried to solve a maths problem for a year and the result was hilarious

Some people just get maths. They understand its intricacies, enjoy the calming logic, and are simply natural mathematicians. 

I am not one of those people. So believe me when I say it would take me much, much longer to work out this rather intricate (and hilarious) maths problem that was posted on Twitter user Joey’s account header. 

Fortunately, one bright individual has managed to crack the equation, and they claim it took them a year to do. 

Twitter user JoJo tweeted their success earlier in the week, and, well the result it equal parts genius, equal parts hilarious.

Picture: @cloutboyjojo

Ah, but of course. “Send nudes.”

Joey was exceedingly impressed not only that someone had cracked the code, but also at the fact that JoJo showed their working out. 

Mashable reports that this isn’t the first time the maths problem has cropped up on the internet, but it still shows remarkable dedication naked pictures.

Students seem to be improving

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