Thor: Ragnarok’s “get help” scene was thought up by star Chris Hemsworth

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Thor and Loki in Thor:Ragnarok

No matter how witty they are up there on the big screen reading other people’s words, most actors aren’t particularly well-known for their script-writing talents.

But Chris Hemsworth may be a happy exception.

One of the best gags in the critical and commercial Marvel supersmash Thor: Ragnarok actually came from Thor himself.

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Chatting to Empire, director Taika Waititi generously gave the credit for that hilarious moment to Chris Hemsworth.

“That was his idea,” Waititi said.

“There’s a lot in things in the film which have come straight from his input.

“I’m very lucky to have someone around who’s very invested in the emotionality of the scenes, but wants to have fun.”

Thor and Loki Get Help in Thor:Ragnarok

Despite it being a multi-million dollar Marvel movie, Waititi didn’t view his film as a “Jenga block” in the MCU but just wanted “to make the best movie possible”.

He apparently encouraged improvisation from his stars and was happy to shoot loads of versions of each scenes to tease out the comedy – and in the “Get Help” scene it definitely did the trick.

Thor: Ragnarok first trailer grabs
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It’s not the first time that Waititi has given us a glimpse behind the curtain for the instant-classic moment either, as he previously broke it right down in a video for Vanity Fair:

The director is a massive fan of Hemsworth’s comic chops and has been bigging up his previously-hidden talents in other interviews.

“I don’t think they’d exploited that enough, not only in the Thor films or the Avengers films but in any of the other films he’s been in,” Waititi said recently.

“He’s a real comic talent and I felt like that was something that needed to be showcased.”

He added: “I wanted people to be more on the side of Thor, make Thor the most interesting character in the film.

“There’s no point calling the movie Thor if he’s not the coolest thing in it.”

Thor: Ragnarok is out in cinemas in the UK and the US now.

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