Those viral sneakers that look both pink and gray are now an overpriced Halloween costume

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  • – has turned a pair of viral sneakers into a Halloween costume.
  • – Earlier in October, people couldn’t tell if a pair of Vans sneakers were pink and white or gray and teal.
  • – This was because someone took a picture of the sneakers in bad lighting.
  • – The costume takes the optical illusion one step further, as one sneaker is white and pink and the other is blue and gray.
  • – The shoes cost $53, but they are not for sale yet.

Earlier in October, the internet was divided over the true color of a pair of Vans sneakers. Due to faulty lighting, half of the people saw the shoes as pink and white and the other half saw them as gray and teal.

A version of the sneakers are now available as a costume that screams 2017 — just in time for Halloween.

A photo of the original shoe, which is actually white and pink, launched a massive debate on Twitter on October 11.

© Provided by Business Insider Inc sneakers But regardless of how you see the controversial shoes, plans to make money out of the viral moment with its “What Color Are These Shoes?” costume, which will be available for sale soon and cost $52.95.

© Provided by Business Insider Inc yandy sneaker costume Referencing how people saw the original shoes as two different colors, each individual shoe is a different color.

This isn’t the first time that Yandy has created a costume out of a meme. The retailer also makes a costume that references “The Dress,” which went viral in 2015 because people saw it as two different colors.

As that controversy unraveled nearly three years ago, the “What Color is This?” dress only costs $8.

© Provided by Business Insider Inc the dress If dressing as a meme isn’t quite your style, however, there are still plenty of other creative options for Halloween costumes.

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